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Smokin Horny Toad uses the following FFL transfer process for all FFL items purchased through our website. The following information is meant to be straightforward. We reserve the right to terminate any transaction that does not meet our requirements. The requirements are in place to protect both buyer, seller, and our business. Please call us with any questions you may have.

1)    You must provide the name and contact information for the FFL dealer you want us to ship your FFL items to.

2)    This must be an Active Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL Dealer) – FFL holder must forward a copy of their FFL to us (unless already on file). This can be done either by sending electronically (EMAIL) or FAX. If FFL is not received, prior to the transfer, we cannot complete transfer. If problems occur in getting the FFL from the shipper, the customer is responsible for contacting and making arrangements with the FFL to produce a copy of their FFL.


Let your FFL dealer know you wish to have the gun transferred through Smokin Horny Toad.  If your FFL Dealer needs a copy of our FFL license, they can request one by sending an email to smokinhornytoad@gmail.com.

Transferee MUST BE at least 18 years old to receive long gun(s) and 21 for handgun(s).  Firearms WILL NOT be transferred to underage persons. Smokin Horny Toad is not responsible for returns/refunds or return shipping in these cases.

Transferee must present a valid government issued identification – ID, Driver’s License, Military Transit Papers, Passport, Etc. Presented ID must be legible and or unaltered, not be expired and contain current address.

Transferee will be asked to complete, sign, and date an ATF form 4473 in order to perform the regulated federal background check in order to disposition firearms.

Firearm orders process and ship within 3-7 business days upon receipt of full payment and a valid FFL. Accessory orders will generally ship within 3-5 business days of receiving payment.

All handguns are shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground delivery service. Unless you require Expedited Shipping.


Smokin Horny Toad offers products at a very competitive price. It’s NOT our policy to make money on shipping.

Non-FFL Shipping Rate: Shipped at a flat rate of $9.95, regardless of number of products purchased.

FFL Shipping Rate: Shipped directly to your authorized FFL Dealer at a flat rate of $24.95. If you live in a state with excessive fees associated with receiving FFL products, Smokin Horny Toad reserves the right to call you and Invoice you this extra fee. We try very hard NOT to do this, but some states, such as Washington state, have excessive transfer fees.

All products, FFL and non-FFL, are shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground delivery service, unless you require Expedited Shipping. For expedited delivery, contact Smokin Horny Toad at 432-699-4867 or email us at smokinhornytoad@gmail.com.


It is VERY RARE that a product needs to be returned or exchanged – so rare that if you need to exchange or return an item, we ask that you contact Smokin Horny Toad direct at 432-699-4867 or via email at smokinhornytoad@gmail.com.