Welcome to Smokin’ Horny Toad – home of Guns and Other Legal Stuff! We call Midland, Texas our home and our proud to part of the great state of Texas.

We’ve been in business since 2015 and pride ourselves on great customer service and competitive pricing.

As anybody who grew up in West Texas knows, horny toads (also referred to as horned lizards) used to be everywhere. Technically, the “horned lizard” is listed at “threatened” in Texas, but a strong population in New Mexico and elsewhere keep it off the federal endangered species list.

But this has nothing to do with how Greg came up with this business name. It all started when Greg’s grandmother gave him a realistic replica of a horny toad – which has become a permanent fixture on the dash of his pickup. Combine this dash ornament together with Greg’s love of a good Mexican cigar – and there you have it – Smokin’ Horny Toad was born!

It’s our mission

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